"Be the best version of you"

Are you feeling like you don't know who you are anymore?  
That you're drifting through life in a daze, not looking after yourself, with no energy and no direction?
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My role as your Coach

My role is to provide the space to listen, support and help you make positive changes.

You deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life, to reach your full potential and to become the best version of you!

Through either in person sessions, video calls or on the phone, we can work together to identify the areas that you want to focus on.


Goal Setting
Managing Stress
Low Energy
Self Belief
Life Changes
Creating Positive Habits
Self Care

You need to fight like David with Goliath

Brother, life in est is not like in the west. Over the night, the black clouds appear, but at least I have my poetry for my freedom. The victory is for those that rise after they fall.

How I Communicate

In Person
I work in the Taunton, Somerset area and have a private & beautiful space to talk with my clients.
Phone or Zoom
For clients out of area or who prefer to talk over the phone or via Zoom.
I also offer the option to meet outdoors in the local area if you prefer to talk while walking or sitting somewhere peaceful.

It is everything, and it won't change

It depends on your friends and companions, it depends on who goes out with you, if they have money, if you have money.

We are missing the summer

We're waiting for the weather to warm up so that we can go to the coastline. We really miss the summertime, our second home the coastline.

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Get Started Today

Book a FREE 20 minute Discovery Call

A Discovery Call will help you;

Decide whether you are ready and committed to making positive changes to your life

Get to know me and understand how we could work together

Help you feel supported to become the best version of you

Book your FREE Discovery Call

Complete the form below and I shall be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a mutually convenient time for us to have a call.


What my clients say

My story before I met Sarah was massive action but with no direction, to the point of burnout. She guided me to create a new path with self-care, goals and checkpoints along the way. Not only is she a kind, clear, effective coach, but also a good human.
Sarah has such a natural gift with people. She is warm, welcoming, and always makes everyone feel so comfortable and safe in her company. Combining Sarah's natural way with words and kindness, and her wellness coaching skills, makes her such a gifted person, and a perfect fit for anyone who needs some guidance and coaching in their life. I would 100% recommend Sarah. She is fantastic.